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Softnoise and DMdB sign cooperation agreement

Monday, 3 May 2021 | News

Strengthens Softnoise and provides a strong start to DMdB

Softnoise and DMdB are proud to announce that they have signed a contract for DMdB to help Softnoise expand its promotional and sales activities of Predictor-LimA. The cooperation agreement starts on 1st April 2021 and entails DMdB providing sales and marketing resources for Softnoise’s Predictor-LimA software over the coming years.

Erwin Hartog van Banda, director of Softnoise, explained the background of the agreement as follows “DMdB is an ideal partner for Softnoise with long experience and good working relationships with us in the past. We look forward to this cooperation”.

DMdB founder and director, Douglas Manvell said “I have had a good and productive relationship with Softnoise for many years. I am excited to continue this strong relationship within the realms of my new company, and to offer my skills, network, background and name to benefit Predictor-LimA”.

Softnoise is the first on-line provider of quality assured noise mapping solutions, based on over 30 years of experience in the business. Softnoise’s unique Predictor-LimA Cloud Calculation Service is a powerful and spot on solution for the noise mapping industry.

DMdB offers noise & vibration control advice and services to solution suppliers and application specialists to provide insight and quality assurance in a manner that makes business sense. DMdB’s world-class insight in applications, regulations and solutions is based on extensive knowledge and experience, and a unique position in international standardization and product knowledge.

To learn more about Softnoise and Predictor-Lima, see softnoise.com. For more information about what services DMdB can provide, see dmdbsoundadvice.com.

For futher information, contact:

Douglas Manvell
Founder & Director DMdB
W: DMdBsoundadvice.com
T: +45 2971 2868
Mail: douglas.manvell@DMdBsoundadvice.com

Erwin Hartog van Banda
Director and Product Manager Softnoise
W: softnoise.com
T: +49 231 42711 71
Mail: erwin.hartogvanbanda@softnoise.com

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