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Fast and easy reporting of measurements as contour maps

NoiseAtWork is a powerful tool for occupational and industrial hygienists to help them reporting noise at work and other type of measurements in indoor and outdoor workspaces. Key words are fit for purpose, easy to use and cost efficient.


Noise Prediction for Industry and Wind Turbines

iNoise is the new intuitive and quality assured software for industrial noise calculations in the environment. The calculations are based on the ISO 9613 method and the recommendations of the new quality standard ISO 71534.


Noise prediction for Road, Rail, Industry, Wind turbines and air traffic

Predictor-LimA is by far the most complete, intuitive and powerful software for environmental noise prediction on the market. The software is available in 5 configurations ranging from small projects to large scale noise mapping projects. Predictor-Lima fulfils the requirements of the ISO 17534 quality assurance standard.

distributed by Softnoise

The software works well and represents our data accurately and professionally. The software is easy to use and gives us the means to display our findings in a unique way. Software like NoiseAtWork is of great value to Occupational Hygienists.

Dr. Stefan Linde, Karla Booysen, Megan Combrink, René van Zyl & Marelizé van Ree

Occupational Hygiene and Health Research Initiative, North West university – South Africa

News and updates

New webinars for modelling with CNOSSOS-EU

New webinars for modelling with CNOSSOS-EU

​In March Softnoise starts a series of 4 free webinars around the new European CNOSSOS method. The webinars are intended for authorities and consultants who are involved in the next round of the European noise mapping projects. You’re invited to...

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