Noise Prediction for Industry and Wind Turbines

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Configurations & prices

*Maximum number of logical processors used during a calculation.
**Registration is optional. After registering the software you will receive a personalized license file, which means your name will appear on reports instead of “unregistered free license”.

License types

A Free license entitles you to install and use the iNoise Free software on 1 computer.
A Pro license entitles you to install and use the iNoise Pro software on 1 computer.
An Enterprise license entitles you to install and use the iNoise Enterprise software on all computers of your company in 1 country.

Basic Support (Included)

Questions regarding installation and software warning and error messages are handled within Basic Support. Basic Support is free and is included in all configurations.

Online training (Optional)

Interactive training in 3 sessions of 1 hour. Every session will be recorded and send as a mp4 file.

Online training can be purchased in our webshop.

Premium Support (Optional)

Questions regarding the use of the software as well as model reviews on data consistency and obvious modelling errors are handled within Premium Support. Premium Support includes in total 3 hours of support. This includes answering questions by email to, 2 model reviews and 1 on-line Q/A session. A model review will result in a list of findings and recommendations from our experts. We recommend all new users of iNoise to include Premium Support for the first year. It will speed up the learning process and it will increase the quality of your models.
Premium support can be purchased for 195 euro per year in combination with an iNoise Pro or Enterprise license.
In combination with an iNoise Free license, the costs for Premium Support are 395 euro per year. In this case, Premium Support can be purchased seperately in our webshop.
Support questions can be send by filling out this form.