Noise Prediction for Road, Rail, Industry and Wind Turbines

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Version 2024
Release date 6 September 2023


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The setup includes an unregistered license for iNoise Free V2024 that is valid until 1-1-2024. All users with a registered license on iNoise Free V2024 or a purchased license on iNoise Pro or iNoise Enterprise which is not yet expired, can use their existing license files for V2024.

Please note: current customers of iNoise V2023 Pro and Enterprise will receive a new license file which activates the new Analyst method.

Changes in iNoise 2024 compared to iNoise 2023.02

New and improved functionality

  • New CNOSSOS-EU method (add-on option) for Pro and Company licenses
    • For modelling roads, railways and industry according to the CNOSSOS-EU method.
    • Including catalogues for defining the emission of road vehicles, road surfaces, rail vehicles and rail tracks.
    • EU Population Exposure menu option. For counting the number of noise exposed people and dwellings according to the CNOSSOS-EU method
    • EU Noise Exposed Area menu option: For determination of the noise exposed area according to the CNOSSOS-EU method
  • New Analyst method for Pro and Company licences
    • For creating Analyst models for interpolating and cumulating noise contours based on grid results and confronting noise contours with demographic information
    • including Analyse contours menu option for confronting the calculated noise contour of the model with demographic information
  • New options for a Company license
    • Tile Model and Import Tiles menu options. For calculating large scale city noise maps
  • Background maps: Support of the Restfull protocol for WMS and WMTS services
  • Calibration of bitmaps: Calibration option 3 (with known GPS coordinates) now always uses the EPSG code of the model.
  • Export to Google Earth: The export option now always uses the EPSG code of the model.

Fixed issues

  • Line sources: When using the Lp-Lw option for line sources the calculated sound power is now automatically set to Lw/m
  • When selecting 1 single item on the model a maximum of 512 points are shown as marked points. In previous versions of iNoise all points of the item were shown as marked points which could generate a redraw of the model causing an endless loop.

Minimum system requirements for using iNoise

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 (x64). The download link contains the 64-bit version of iNoise. If you wish to receive the 32-bit version of the software, please use this link
  • dual core processor, such as Intel Core i3, or AMD Phenom X2
  • 2 Gb RAM
  • With a Pro or Enterprise license (> 2 cores), a quad-core processor and more RAM memory are recommended
  • 500 Mb free disk space to install the software
  • Additional 100 Mb free disk space for each iNoise project. Larger iNoise projects can take more than 1 Gb of disk space
  • OpenGL support for 3D view
  • Printer: MS Windows printer
  • Internet access to download the software and to check for updates.