Noise Prediction for Industry and Wind Turbines

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Download iNoise

Version 2020
Release date 21 November 2020


The download link includes an unregistered license for iNoise 2020 Free. All users with a valid license of iNoise 2019 can use their license for iNoise 2020. Please copy your license files DGMR.LIC and DGMR.LICX to the iNoise 2020 program folder.

Changes in iNoise 2020 compared to iNoise 2019.1

New and improved functionality

  • Input of A, C and Z weighted sound power levels
    This enables the input of A, Z and C weighted sound power levels. An additional A-weighting is not needed anymore.
  • New Font Settings option in Display Options. Font, color and in frame for labels of Items and Results
  • Lmax option for ISO 9613 models in Table of Results
    This enables showing the LAeq as well as the Lmax value of e.g. moving sources.
  • PDF support as Background Map
  • Increased performance for large models. Faster import, faster calculation of the terrain model and faster creation of the 3D view
  • Export to KML (Google Earth) now based on Display Options. Now the user can influence the size of the KML file by for instance de-selecting the display of grid points
  • In the option Lp to Lw for point and line sources the entered values are kept in memory as long as the item attribute form is open
  • ‘Delete’ option in mouse menu
  • In ‘File | Export | Batch Export Point Results’ the type of Receiver can now be selected
  • X and Y coordinates are added to the Table of Results for both Receivers and Sources. For line and Area sources the coordinate of the first node is shown
  • New ‘Catalogues | General’ menu option with internal editor
    All *.cat files (catalogue files) such as Sound power levels, Isolation materials, Reductions and Wind profiles can now be edited including copy/past support to/from Excel
  • In the menu option ‘Results | Contours and Results Labels’ labels for results and control values of the background model can be selected
  • The menu option ‘Edit | Batch Create Items | Receivers at Facades’ now supports a distance between the receiver points for CNOSSOS-EU case 2a
  • The text ‘Source results’ on the Calculations Settings has been changed in ‘Source and Octave results’.

Fixed problems

  • ISO 9613.1/2, ISO 9613.1/2 (1/3 Octaves) methods: Area sources now automatically generate at least 1 point source, also when using x and y steps that are larger then the area dimensions
  • Menu option ‘Edit | Batch Create Items | Create Receivers at Façade’ modified:
    Default height definition is now Relative (was Absolute)
  • Zoom to selection did not work when the selection is only 1 pixel
  • When using the ‘File | Import | CAD file’ option groups were always created despite unchecking the Group checkbox.

Minimum system requirements for using iNoise

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 (x64). The download link contains the 64-bit version of iNoise. If you wish to receive the 32-bit version of the software, please use this link
  • dual core processor, such as Intel Core i3, or AMD Phenom X2
  • 2 Gb RAM
  • With a Pro or Enterprise license (> 2 cores), a quad-core processor and more RAM memory are recommended
  • 500 Mb free disk space to install the software
  • Additional 100 Mb free disk space for each iNoise project. Larger iNoise projects can take more than 1 Gb of disk space
  • OpenGL support for 3D view
  • Printer: MS Windows printer
  • Internet access to download the software and to check for updates.