Noise Prediction for Road, Rail, Industry and Wind Turbines

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Version 2024.1
Release date 6 March 2024


The setup includes an unregistered license for iNoise Free V2024 that is valid until 1-1-2025. All users with a registered license on iNoise Free V2024 or a purchased license on iNoise Pro or iNoise Company which is not yet expired, can use their existing license files for V2024.

Changes in iNoise 2024.1 compared to iNoise 2024

New and improved functionality

  • New catalogue for reflection factors (1/1-octaves and 1/3-octaves).
  • Catalogue files can be organized in subfolders. This file structure is shown in the Catalogue menu.
  • New context-menu option: “Merge polylines”.
  • New option to activate and highlight the group containing the selected item.
  • Improved support of import GML-files with complex geometry definitions.
  • New support of GeoJSON and CityJSON formats with GeoJSON and CityJSON Import and GeoJSON Export.
  • New option to update existing items when importing data from external files. For example, useful when the emission parameters of an existing model changes and are available in a SHP file, the items can be updated.
  • More robust handling of file access in case files are locked by virus scanner or due to synchronization.
  • Help: various small updates including documentation of all new functionality.
  • Restfull protocol for WMS and WMTS for better loading of data.
  • Export to Google Earth: the export option will only use the EPSG code of the model if this code is given (<>0). If the EPSG code is 0, GPS calibration points will be used to transform the model coordinates to WGS84.

Fixed issues

  • Database format aligned with Predictor V2024 to reenable the seamless opening and import of Predictor projects and data.
  • Incorrect calculation of CNOSSOS models with both railway and road sources. Previously, the road items would be assigned railway directivity if rail sources were in the model, causing too low results.
  • Batch create contour points around point sources did not work.
  • Bug display of background images with negative width or height could flip the image.

Changes in iNoise 2024 compared to iNoise 2023.02

New and improved functionality

  • New CNOSSOS-EU method (add-on option) for Pro and Company licenses
    • For modelling roads, railways and industry according to the CNOSSOS-EU method.
    • Including catalogues for defining the emission of road vehicles, road surfaces, rail vehicles and rail tracks.
    • EU Population Exposure menu option. For counting the number of noise exposed people and dwellings according to the CNOSSOS-EU method
    • EU Noise Exposed Area menu option: For determination of the noise exposed area according to the CNOSSOS-EU method
  • New Analyst method for Pro and Company licences
    • For creating Analyst models for interpolating and cumulating noise contours based on grid results and confronting noise contours with demographic information
    • including Analyse contours menu option for confronting the calculated noise contour of the model with demographic information
  • New options for a Company license
    • Tile Model and Import Tiles menu options. For calculating large scale city noise maps
  • Background maps: Support of the Restfull protocol for WMS and WMTS services
  • Calibration of bitmaps: Calibration option 3 (with known GPS coordinates) now always uses the EPSG code of the model.
  • Export to Google Earth: The export option now always uses the EPSG code of the model.

Fixed issues

  • Line sources: When using the Lp-Lw option for line sources the calculated sound power is now automatically set to Lw/m
  • When selecting 1 single item on the model a maximum of 512 points are shown as marked points. In previous versions of iNoise all points of the item were shown as marked points which could generate a redraw of the model causing an endless loop.

Minimum system requirements for using iNoise

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 (x64). The download link contains the 64-bit version of iNoise. If you wish to receive the 32-bit version of the software, please use this link
  • dual core processor, such as Intel Core i3, or AMD Phenom X2
  • 2 Gb RAM
  • With a Pro or Enterprise license (> 2 cores), a quad-core processor and more RAM memory are recommended
  • 500 Mb free disk space to install the software
  • Additional 100 Mb free disk space for each iNoise project. Larger iNoise projects can take more than 1 Gb of disk space
  • OpenGL support for 3D view
  • Printer: MS Windows printer
  • Internet access to download the software and to check for updates.

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