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Results iNoise Excellence Survey 2019

Wednesday, 27 Mar 2019 | Environment, News

In February we sent out the iNoise Excellence Survey 2019 to over 1,200 users of our iNoise prediction software. The results are fantastic. 96% of the users are satisfied with iNoise. 85% are even more than satisfied with iNoise! Also we have received inspiring ideas for improving iNoise even further. We will use these ideas for the development of iNoise 2020 in Q3 and Q4 of this year. As always, the next major version of iNoise will be released at the end of the year.

We asked our iNoise users if they also use, or have been using, other software for environmental noise prediction. 78% also use or have used 1 or more other software. As all other software also include the ISO 9613 method as well as additional traffic noise methods there is obviously a specific reason for using iNoise. Although our survey did not cover this aspect we believe that iNoise users prefer iNoise over other software because of its intuitive interface. This strengthens our belief that the iNoise interface is by far the most intuitive interface for environmental noise modeling on the market today. For an overview of the iNoise configurations and prices visit https://dgmrsoftware.com/products/inoise/configurations/

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