Noise prediction for Road, Rail, Industry and Wind turbines
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Noise prediction for Road, Rail, Industry, Wind turbines and air traffic

Predictor-LimA is the most complete, intuitive and powerful software for environmental noise prediction on the market. The software is available in 5 configurations. All configurations include the Predictor software that has the same intuitive GUI as iNoise. Predictor-Lima is distributed by Softnoise as the Predictor-LimA Software suite. The 2 entry configurations include 11 calculation methods including Analyst, ISO 9613, Harmonoise, CRTN, NMPB, XPS, RMR and TNM. The 3 high end configurations include both the Predictor software as well as the LimA software. Predictor and LimA fulfil the requirements of the ISO 17534 quality assurance standard.

Why Predictor-LimA?

  • Most complete, intuitive and powerful software on the market
  • Attractive 1-year rental prices, starting from 686 Euro per year
  • Optional multi-user Cloud Calculation Service
  • ISO 17534 Quality Assured
  • Updates and upgrades included
  • Basic support included
  • Direct support from Softnoise.

Predictor: Analyst method for importing and cumulating calculated results from any noise prediction software

iNoise and Predictor-LimA compared

Predictor: Comparing CNOSSOS and ISO 9613 for an industrial area

Predictor: 3D view of Blanes in Spain