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iNoise 2019 released

Dec 14, 2018

Friday 14th of December 2018 we have released iNoise 2019. All users with an iNoise Pro and iNoise Enterprise license will receive a new license to use V2019. Users of iNoise Free can register for a new license allowing them to use iNoise V2019 Free until 1-1-2020. To register iNoise V2019 Free click here.

New options include 350 indicative sound power levels for construction and open site sources and activities derived from BS 5228, extended use of a Valley correction for the general method of ground attenuation and a new option for color coded receiver results.

Indicative sound power levels derived from BS 5228

In BS 5228-1:2009 a list of sound pressure levels at 10 meter distance from open site sources and activities is given. For iNoise V2019 we have taken this list and derived indicative sound power levels using the formula Lw = SPL (10m) + 10*10LOG(4*PI*10*10) -3

Valley correction

In iNoise V2018.2 we added the option to calculate the valley correction for the Alternative method for ground attenuation. Now in V2019 you can also calculate a valley correction for the general method for ground attenuation.

Color coded receiver results

A new display option in V2019 allows to show the calculated receiver results as color filled circles based on the selected color classes for the contours.

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