Fast and easy reporting of measurements as contour maps

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Version V2022
Release date 16 February 2022


Download the NoiseAtWork installation manual here

Product keys for versions 2020 and older do not work in NoiseAtWork V2021/V2022. Users with a valid rental license can request a new license for the remainder of their rental period by filling out this form 

Changes in V2022

Solved issues

  • Transparent contours
    Resolved some cases contour areas with transparency were shown with darker colors than intended
  • Extrapolation
    Solved cases where extrapolation to edges of workspaces failed. Contours should now always fill workspaces with measurements and/or sources
  • Orthogonal input
    Now works as intended again

NoiseAtWork Companion
A new version of our NoiseAtWork Companion app is available. This version has been updated to work with the latest Android versions.

Changes in V2021

New Features:

  • Colour coded measurements
    Added option to the contour options to display measurements as coloured circles with specified size. A smaller size can be set for lower contour values than higher values

Solved issues

  • Background images
    When using high resolution images they tended to be resized badly such that colouring and image were no longer representative of the original

Changes in V2020.1

Solved issues

  • Some controls gave an error message (e.g. PDF, View). This has been fixed.

Changes in V2020

New features

  • Difference contours
    Option to generate the difference contours between sources and measurements. This is particularly useful for evaluating whether an alarm installation will be audible in the working environment
  • Selection options
    – new context menu ‘Select with polygon’, input a polygon to select items
    – CTRL+A select all items in model
    – Shift+Click adds or remove items to current selection
  • Rotate selection
    Context menu (right click) option to rotate selected items
  • Snap to Items
    New snap option to snap to other items in the model. This will allow you to easily snap barriers to workspace edges


  • Performance
    Contour generation performance has been improved and will be more noticeable in projects with many workspaces and measurements
  • Noise Prediction
    Can now enter reverberation time [T] manually. The absorption coefficient will be derived from this and vice versa.

Solved issues

  • Contour smoothing
    In some cases the smoothing option resulted in gaps in the contours.