Fast and easy reporting of measurements as contour maps

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Version V2020.1
Release date 11 February 2020


Download the NoiseAtWork installation manual here

Product keys for versions 5.x and older do not work in NoiseAtWork V2020.

Changes in V2020.1

Solved issues

  • Some controls gave an error message (e.g. PDF, View). This has been fixed.

Changes in V2020

New features

  • Difference contours
    Option to generate the difference contours between sources and measurements. This is particularly useful for evaluating whether an alarm installation will be audible in the working environment
  • Selection options
    – new context menu ‘Select with polygon’, input a polygon to select items
    – CTRL+A select all items in model
    – Shift+Click adds or remove items to current selection
  • Rotate selection
    Context menu (right click) option to rotate selected items
  • Snap to Items
    New snap option to snap to other items in the model. This will allow you to easily snap barriers to workspace edges


  • Performance
    Contour generation performance has been improved and will be more noticeable in projects with many workspaces and measurements
  • Noise Prediction
    Can now enter reverberation time [T] manually. The absorption coefficient will be derived from this and vice versa.

Solved issues

  • Contour smoothing
    In some cases the smoothing option resulted in gaps in the contours.